Limit Order V2

Waiting at peace, now you can control and set the Buy/Sell prices that you like.

Announcing Limit Order V2 for BSC Network

(update July 15, 2022)
We are excited to announce that Arken Finance is upgrading our Limit Order protocol for BSC network to version 2, along with launching Stop-limit Order for AMM. The new version also uses the same mechanism with Stop-limit Order for AMM, which will result in increasing the chance of order execution over the previous version. For more information, visit​
Note: Limit Order protocol on Arken Finance for other networks (other than BSC), remains the first version.
Hope you all enjoy the upgraded version!

Limit Orders Are Now Available on Arken Finance!

Consider the scenario in which you are executing a buying or selling of a cryptocurrency at a precise price that you have in mind and not have to worry about the price swings that will catch you off guard. Doesn’t that sound great?
We would like to introduce you to our newest feature at Arken Finance, the ‘Limit Order.’ By using it, you will be able to choose your own price for selling or buying, and your order will only be executed if the opened order is filled by a taker. Please be noted that these types of orders are not sent to a specific user; they can be filled by anyone. This will make your cryptocurrency trading experience a lot simpler and less risky, as you can do so in a less volatile and faster-paced setting.
What is the Limit Orders feature?
A “LIMIT” order allows you to set an order to buy or sell at a certain price that you prefer. The use of limit orders will help users to manage their pricing risks while also giving them some control over when a transaction takes place. It allows traders to purchase or sell a coin at a fixed or greater price than they would otherwise be offered.
A buy limit order ensures that the investor or trader will pay the specified amount, or no more and no less. Despite the fact that the price is guaranteed, the order will not be completed until the condition meets the parameters set out in the order.
In the fast-moving and volatile cryptocurrency markets, one of the most important advantages of buy orders is that they safeguard traders from paying a higher price than what they had expected. This may be a lifesaver for traders in the unpredictable and unpredictable cryptocurrency markets.
How to use Arken Limit Order?
  • The “Limit” button is located next to the “Market” button at the top of the swap box. Once you select the Limit button, the “Limit Order” configurations screen will be displayed. On the right of the screen, the “Limit” button is located next to the “Market” button at the top of the swap box.
  • Adjust the limit price and settings as you want. Do not forget to set the “Expiration Date” as well!
  • Press “Approve” to open and confirm the limit order. Now your order will appear in the bottom box below the token’s chart as an “Open Order”. Then you are all set! You can also view order history as per usual.
How Will Users Benefit From This Feature?
A limit order is a kind of order that is made with the intent of minimizing price risks. Traders will have complete control over how much they are willing to pay. Users can also assist in removing some of the emotions from the trading process. Experts can establish their preferred strategy and pricing objectives in advance, confident in the knowledge that they will be automatically implemented. This may help traders avoid making reckless judgments at the last minute.
However, please be reminded, that the DeFi world is a world of volatile and rapidly changing environments. Even with our Limit Order function, it can still be pretty raging. Be sure to do your own research, calculate your risk, and exercise your asset management. Your Limit Order configuration is at your own disposal.
Now you are in control of your risks.