Best-Rate Swap Engine 3.0

With great algorithm, comes great return. Buy and Sell with our Best Rate Engine.

How Arken Finance Finds the Best Exchange Rate For Users

The term “marginal” refers to an opportunity in the financial realm. Even a slight difference may open up a world of opportunity for the users, especially in the decentralized exchange (DEX) market.
In centralized exchange (CEX) and decentralized exchange (DEX) areas, one common thing that both financial fields have in common is the ‘arbitrager’. This is common whether the area is traditional finance, centralized crypto-finance, or decentralized finance, among others. The act of arbitraging is when individuals or groups of individuals buy security in one market and concurrently sell it in another market at a higher price, resulting in the opportunity to benefit from the transitory difference in cost per share that results from the price gap that is constantly present in the financial sector to arbitrageurs. Nonetheless, even now arbitrage in decentralized finance (Defi) demands both in-depth financial understanding and a strong coding aptitude to be successful, limiting the accessibility to this opportunity for common users.
In order to overcome the market exchange rate and keep up with the constantly changing differential in order to benefit from it, the arbitrager must either put up significant work in comparing currency rates across DEXs or design a trading bot that can overcome this difficulty. As a result, Arken Finance sees the potential improvement gap and the opportunity to provide traders with a trading tool that can automatically source the best exchange rate and split orders to different routings for maximum returns.

Arken Finance Introduces “Best Rate 3.0” Engine

Arken Finance’s “Best Rate 3.0” is the most recent engine update version of our algorithm, allowing the protocol to become even more competitive and efficient in the marketplace. Alongside splitting orders, the “Best Rate 3.0” engine indexes prices from multiple pools to find the best price across all and splits trading amounts across multiple routes in a single transaction to make the trade make an even better price.

Key Advantages to the Users From Upgrading “Best Rate” Engine

  • Gas fee reduction by 20–30%
  • No double exchange tax
  • The better exchange rate from the faster and easier DEXs and pools integration. The more DEXs integrated, the better sources of liquidity we can index from.
Upgrades of the token transfer routing of Arken’s Best Rate 3.0, resulting in significant gas fee reduction and avoiding double taxing on tokens with tax.

Big Order Problem

Every investor in the DEX world at some point used to have experience on the difficulty and sophistication of large lots sell and buy. The problem is not limited only to the potential of the asset and investment, but also to the algorithm and mechanism of the automated market maker (AMM) model where a pre-defined algorithm determines prices.
“Just like any other market in the world, as the demand increases, the price of that item increases due to lower supply.”
Those who have done it before know very well that in the crypto world, a split second can mean a lot and there is a huge difference in the price impact and slippage cost in that circumstance. As the price impact is linked with the amount of liquidity in the pool, the larger the trading volume you are ordering, the higher the price impact you will face. That is to say, with the problem of price impact and slippage, every swap costs us a big opportunity; not to mention the probability of price matching overlooked from trading large volumes in smaller liquidity pools, where you struggle to match the price across platforms to make sure you get the best out of your investment. The small margin costs each time you do the transactions, when factored in with the total amount and total numbers of your investment, could become a huge price for you to pay.
This is where the “Split Order Feature” on ARKEN comes into play.

How Split Order works

ARKEN’s Split Order will eliminate the challenging and tiring tasks. Instead of manually and tirelessly monitoring the price and the charge on your own, Split Order helps doing that and provides you with the summary of your target trading pairs by pricing from multiple pools to find the best price across all pools and splits trading amounts across multiple routes in a single transaction to make the trade make an even better price.
Price matching across platforms, Slippage calculation and calculation for each transaction, and Price Impact factoring, are the tasks that 'Split Order' on our platform can perform for you. Even more, our feature can also compare and suggest the optimum option for your trading and transaction whether you should opt for the single lot order or multiple split order to get the best benefit out of it.