Gas Optimization Mode

Gas fees got you down? Our gas optimization mode will solve that problem. Avoid spending costly gas fees with Arken Finance.
Have you ever noticed how much you have paid for gas fees since you started trading? Arken’s Gas Optimization mode is here to help! With gas optimization mode on, users can reduce unnecessary and unaware transaction fees to get the best trading outcome.
When using Arken’s swapbox, the ‘default mode’ is set to search for the BEST RATE routes without taking transaction fees into consideration. To come up with the best rate swap, Arken’s sophisticated engine consumes massive amounts of energy and processes more complicated actions causing relatively higher gas fees in some cases.
Our Recommendation on Max Return Mode:
  1. 1.
    Suitable for low transaction fee chains
  2. 2.
    Suitable for large amount transactions
By turning ‘gas optimization mode’ on, Arken’s intelligent algorithm will search for the BEST RATE routes but also take gas fees into account for your best outcome at that point in time. Users may not receive the best exchange rate in this mode, but combining the rate and gas fees, the outcome is more worthwhile.
Our Recommendation on Gas Optimization Mode:
  1. 1.
    Suitable for high transaction fee chains
  2. 2.
    Suitable for small amount transactions
Comparison of Max return mode and Gas optimization mode on Ethereum
From the example above, evidently, the amount of received $ETH on ‘Max Return mode’ is higher than ‘Gas Optimization mode’ when swapping 100 $USDT on the Ethereum chain. However, the total price after deducting the transaction fee on the ‘Gas Optimization mode’ is higher as the fee has been reduced by approximately 33%.
To conclude, Gas optimization is a feature to help minimize the transaction fees to save cost and enable more chances for all traders to maximize trading profit.