Chart Indicators and Tools

Predict market movements. Forecast the market before it moves with 160+ indicators.

Supporting Advance Trading with Technical Indicators and Charts

ARKEN is specifically designed to enable sophisticated trading and can be configured with over 160 distinct technical indicators and unique specialized charts. Veterans users can predict market movements, keep track of price volatility, and search for warning signs that a collapse is about to occur. For traders who like to invest their way through the futures market, or for investors who depend on statistical research and data to make decisions, we offer you all of the tools you could need.
Line Indicators: You may use the Line Indicators function to create a Trend-Line for your research by calling up the function. ABCD, XABCD, Cypher Triangle, Three-Drives, Elliott Waves, Head, and Shoulders Pattern, and more pattern indicators are available from us. These indications will make your decision-making process simpler than it already is.
Future Indicators: Price range and date range indicators, ghost feed, candlesticks, and forecast indicators are all examples of future indicators. Long and short positions are also included on the Arken platform. All of this is for the benefit of your future trading options experience.
Statistical Analysis: The Arken platform offers you nearly all of the statistical calculation tools that are now accessible for trading. There are a variety of indicators available, ranging from average price to accumulation/distribution, correlation to Connor RSI to Fisher Transform to Ichimoku Cloud, Money Flow Index, and even Standard Deviation to True Strength Indicator to Williams Fractal and more indicators.
Conduct any statistical analysis you desire on any of the 266,00+ tokens that are now accessible on our platform. All of this is done and prepared to provide and guarantee the greatest trading experience possible.