Fees Collection & Calculation

Base Fee Model:

Arken Finance uses the base fee model to calculate our operating fee. The base fee for using Stop-Limit for AMM on Arken is variable, based on the day of the week and the time of the day, with weekends and specific off-peak hours. This is due to the gas fee of the network for operations. Normally, we collect a fee that covers the gas fee and reserve a small amount contingent upon some fluctuations.
Arken’s Stop-Limit for AMM has a maximum of 0.25% operating fee and a minimum of a constant based number that can be varied depending on the gas fee of each day.
However, please be noted that, if the fee of that specific time of the day is lower than 0.25%, the fee to be collected will be lower, based on the real-time circumstances.
Users can recheck the fee at the bottom of your swapbox, as shown in the example below:
The fee is collected in the form of stablecoins. For instance, if you are setting a ‘Buy Stop-Limit’ on a specific token, the fee will be collected from the stablecoins you are paying to buy that token. On the contrary, the fee is collected from the stablecoins you are receiving when you are doing a ‘Sell Stop-Limit’.

Fee calculation:

Arken Stop-Limit for AMM fee = 0.25% (or a constant based number) x (execute amount in stablecoins)