Tokens Performance Comparison

Price, market capitalization, graph, and more for a better trading decision!
Have you ever wanted to invest or buy some tokens, but then you think to yourself: ‘Will it be a good investment for me? Will this token plummet and drop down in price that your money will turn into nothing, and you will regret buying it?’ If you have, well, you are not the only one!
Deciding on which token to buy or invest in can be a challenging decision. There are so many factors to take into account and you have to do a lot of research for its story, its information, and its statistical performance. If that is not enough, anticipating the market trends and investors’ behaviors before making a decision just to invest in a token sounds a lot to bear, doesn’t it?
Let us help you with our new addition: Tokens Comparison Feature!
What is a comparison feature?
Arken Finance’s Tokens Comparison Feature is a newly launched BETA feature that has been developed to accommodate traders and users in deciding on their investments. It suits technical investors that rely and base decisions on statistical and technical analytics to predict Token tendency or make buying decisions.
With our Tokens Comparison, users can compare the statistical performance of 5 different tokens at the same time (and across different chains!). You can compare, in one shot, their statistical prices daily or up to 1 year period, market caps, values, 24 hours trading volume, and total liquidity. All of these, to make sure you will make a well-informed decision with your investment.
This way, you can predict and see the growth trend of each token you are interested in and can compare easily before making the decision. Users can also save comparison results and easily share them with your friends.
How will users benefit from this feature?
Let’s say our users would like to invest and jump into the DeFi Gaming tokens that are being the talks-of-the-town right now. There are several gaming platforms and several game tokens which are currently on their skyrocket upward trend. How would the user know which token they should invest in? — Enter Token Comparison Feature.
The figure shown below is the comparison of 5 gaming tokens that are popular and being on the radar of most people right now.
Compare 5 Popular Game Tokens
With this information, now you can make a decision and know which one of these 5 tokens will suit your target investment the most. You can also see their performance when compared to other tokens in the same class or the same category and be able to predict their future growth.
Like we said earlier, this feature is still in its BETA test mode, so be prepared for an even better version of it soon. We will keep you updated. Here at Arken, we aim to make your trading experience better every day!