'Look into the Future' - Look forward to our journey
In the crypto world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy is to pivot and be flexible.
Here, the Arken Finance team shares some of our current roadmaps, but please be noted that we don’t publicly commit to specific timelines. With possible market changes to come in the future, we may organize our development priorities based on business decisions and developer resources.
Our mission is the same, making DeFi accessible. This is going to be a long journey, but we have broken it down into several simple steps. Right now, we are between the first 2 steps:
  • 1) Create technology layers that abstract the complexity of decentralized protocols and networks to boost software development speed. So everyone can develop new dApps/protocols and experiment with new ideas quickly. Currently, we have opened up several of our API and infrastructure for dApps developers. More to come to make the development process fast, reliable, and future-proof.
  • 2) Use the technology from step 1 to develop better applications that abstract the complexity of DeFi user experience. Help bring in more users to DeFi. DeFi Trading Portal is just the first application aimed toward migrating CEX users. The next one, which we already launch in private, is infrastructure & applications for fund managers. Many more to come to help bring in different segments of users.
  • 3) The third step will be about liquidity abstraction. We are developing and collecting pieces of this puzzle. Please follow us on Twitter or join our discord/telegram to get notified of our progress.
Detailed roadmap coming soon...