How We Get the Best Rate

Curious about how Arken Finance finds the 'best' exchange rate for you and what each field on our swap box tells you? Here's the not-so-secret, secret. Check it out.

Best Rate 3.0 Engine

(to be launched end of January 2022)
​Arken Finance’s "Best Rate 3.0" is the most recent engine update version of our algorithm, allowing Arken to become even more competitive and efficient in the marketplace. Alongside splitting orders, the "Best Rate 3.0" engine indexes prices from multiple pools to find the best price across all and splits trading amounts across multiple routes in a single transaction to make the trade make an even better price.

Advantages of the Best Rate 3.0

  • Gas fee reduction by 20-30%
  • No double taxing on tokens with taxes
  • The better exchange rate from the faster and easier DEXs and pools integration. The more DEXs integrated, the better sources of liquidity we can index from.

Swapbox Fields Explanation

Here are the explanations of the important fields in the swapbox that you should know before swapping and making any transactions.

You Receive

This is the number of Tokens calculated from Arken's Best Rate Algorithm that you should receive.

Minimum Received

This tells you the minimum guaranteed tokens you may receive, which will never be less than the minimum received value shown. The value of the minimum received shown here depends on the slippage tolerance set by each user.
In an unexpected case of either a sudden pool change, front-run, or the blockchain processes other transactions first (often caused by the low gas fee set by users), the price of that specific token is affected. This will cause the change in the number of coins/tokens earned from "You Receive", but never to be less than "Minimum Received".
In the case where the actual amount is lower than the "Minimum Received" shown, the transaction will be rejected and the protocol will return the total amount of original tokens subtract the gas used.

How Arken Calculates "Minimum Received"

[Minimum Received] = 1/(1 + [Slippage Tolerance]) * [You Receive]