Introducing Arken Finance

The future is Multi-chain, and we are here to help bring them together with the Abstraction Layer.

The future toward multi-chain becomes more apparent. With many L1 & L2 players popping up, even more diverse protocols and dApps will emerge. This creates complexity for both developers and users. For users, moving assets across chains and learning which new dApps to use are just examples of monthly challenges. For developers, keeping track of protocol changes is just the start.

We need to improve both developer & user experience to make DeFi grow faster. To realize this vision, Arken invested all time and effort developing the layer that abstracts away the complexity of DeFi and multi-chain.

Arken Finance is the Abstraction Layer for DeFi Protocols & User Experience. Arken helps abstract the complexity and unified liquidity and protocols to accelerate software development, making it easier for developers to build and create. On the user side, Arken provides the best user experience abstraction into a single user-friendly system over multiple networks, thousands of protocols, and millions of liquidity pools to make the transition to DeFi easy and painless.

Why Use Arken Finance?

As we dig deeper into the challenges faced by DeFi users, we realized that to make DeFi accessible, it is necessary to develop the DeFi Abstraction Layer. Arken Finance solves many ongoing complexities in DeFi and multi-chains to ultimately give you:

  • Technology Abstraction for DeFi Developers: Arken abstracts the complexity of hundreds of protocols and millions of liquidity pools into unified APIs that are consistent across multi-chain and make your code future-proof, so you can focus better on building your core features.

  • User Experience Abstraction for Traders: Arken's solution unifies all necessary components into one single platform that make transitioning to DeFi effortless and seamless. Search for Multi-chain token, see the price charts, to best rate swap, place limit order, stop-limit, and many more - all in one interface, same experience across every chain.

  • Infrastructure Abstraction for Private Funds & Fund Managers: Arken breakthroughs DeFi limitations and simplifies the handling of incompatible protocols and chains for fund management, ensures full control over user assets and gives them peace of mind. (Coming Soon)

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