Arken Finance
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For Individual Traders

Discover the best opportunities in your trade with Arken Finance.
Arken was founded with the original mission to become the best user-experience trading tool in the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) ecosystem, with a focus on helping users discover more opportunities, monitor tokens in real-time, and professionalize their trade.
If you're a trader, Arken Finance will be your go-to platform for all of your DeFi trading journeys — allows users to navigate through multiple networks, thousands of protocols, and millions of liquidity pools — all in one user-friendly interface, with the same experience across every chain, some even thought that we are CEX!
  • Explore all coins/tokens with Market Page
  • Discover hidden gems matching your criteria with 8 Filters
  • Study and research token Insights from Directory Page
  • Tokens performance comparison across chains
  • Price checking with Real-time Trading View
  • Import any tokens and add favorites for easier access
  • Predict market movements with Comparison Feature & Chart Indicators and Tools

Trading Professionally

  • Buy and sell with Arken Best-Rate Swap Engine 3.0
  • Prepare and set your price to buy/Sell with Price Alerts, Limit Order, Stop-Limit Order
  • Avoid spending costly gas fee with Arken Gas Optimization Mode
  • Straightforward and simple Cross-chain Swaps