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Arken Finance, Announcing Perks & Benefits of NFA

Now that you know a little bit about the NFA and how it works from the previous article, we are announcing the detail of the perks and benefits you will get from the NFA.

Quick Recap: What is NFA? NFA or non-fungible airdrop is firstly introduced by Arken Finance to represent the true value of the $ARKEN airdrop rewards before the initial DEX offering (IDO). The NFA is introduced with the objective of unlocking airdrop benefits to 2000 winners of the 1st airdrop and a chance to take their part of the rewards before the $ARKEN IDO. Each NFA will be distinctive to each ranking, storing a different amount of $ARKEN tokens, perks, and benefits to them.

There are 2 ways that NFA owners can enjoy after minting them. First option: you can enjoy the instant return by trading the NFA at the peer-to-peer marketplace. Arken Finance will also repurchase NFAs from our reserved buyback pool. More information on the buy-back mechanics and timing will be discussed in the next article. However, if you are here for the long-term, valuable benefits with Arken, the second option is here for you: ‘hold & enjoy the benefits. In this article, we will be discussing the latter option.

  1. Perks for $ARKEN Airdrop V2.0

Yes! Airdrop V2.0 is coming soon! The upcoming Airdrop V2.0 will be even more exciting with lots of special rewards waiting for you! But first, let’s see some perks that you will get if your hold Arken’s NFA(s).

1.1 For those who hold the NFA(s), you will be exempted from the platform fee (0.1%) during the trading competition for the first 24 hours. To be precise, no trading fee (0%) will be charged to the holders of NFA(s).

1.2 There will also be a mini-competition, just for NFA holders, held during the main trading competition with extra rewards for you to enjoy. During the first 7 days of the trading competition, the holders of NFA(s) can participate in a special mini-competitive track in which the winners will be rewarded separately from the main trading competition event.

  • Now, let’s see some rules for this mini-competitive track. Please be noted that participants must strictly hold NFA(s) during the sum-up of winners and awards announcements. Participating in the mini-competitive track will not affect the scoring of the main track. Thus, those eligible can participate in the events altogether.

1.3 Furthermore, the NFA(s) holders can also enjoy the special NFA “Golden Lottery” lucky draw by the end of the first 7 days of the Airdrop V2.0

  • For the main trading competition, a limited amount of lottery tickets will be randomly distributed to the wallets whose trading volume exceeds 1,000 USD. And there will be a “lucky draw” for those lotteries at the end of the competition for special prizes.

  • Apart from participating in the ordinary lottery tickets distribution, NFA(s) holders whose trading volume exceeds 1,000 USD are also privileged to the random distribution of “golden lottery tickets”.

  • Here are the rules for Golden Lottery Tickets: Golden lottery tickets are excluded from ordinary lottery tickets. Participants must strictly hold NFA(s) during the award ceremony of the event. This includes the sum-up of winners and award ceremony. Participating in the golden lottery lucky draw will not affect your chance of getting ordinary lottery tickets. Thus, those eligible can participate in the events altogether.

2. Enjoy Exclusivities in Arken Platform & Community

  • Owning your limited-edition of Arken NFT Avatar. Note that this will also be displayed on Arken Finance platform when you connect your wallet!

  • Invitation to join VIP Discord Group. You will get more exclusive insights & fast-lane customer support.

  • Enjoy discounts and free trials on future premium features on Arken Finance. More info on this part will be announced when the new features are launched.

Now, that’s all the special perks and benefits you will get from holding the NFA(s).

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