Airdrop V1.0 (Ended)

We are no sorcerer, but we sure can grant you your wish with our Airdrop campaigns.

Arken Finance Airdrop First Round is Happening !!!

Behold and be sure to participate in this joyous event arranged by Arken Finance for your own prize and own winning. Over the course of Arken's launch to date, the platform has grown exponentially, and we are ready to go even further!

For Arken, early adopters are very important. We would like to use a part of this campaign as a way to thank our fans. Up to 10M ARKEN airdrop prize pool will be distributed to Arken’s loyal users and anyone joining the campaign. This is our own style of appreciation to our users who swapped with us, as well as welcome new members. Details are as follows.

Total Allocation

$ARKEN is reserved for the Arken Finance Airdrop (Round1), for a total of 10,000,000 tokens. Users may engage in 3 distinct campaigns during Airdrop Round 1:

  • Thank You Campaign — This is a surprise gift for Arken's trading lovers as a thank you for your continued devotion and confidence in the Arken team and for swapping with us (49.5% allocation)

  • Ranking Campaign — All Arken users are eligible to take part in the campaign. Your trading volume on Arken Finance will propel you to the top of the leaderboard and provide you the opportunity to win (49.5% allocation)

  • Follow and Share Campaign — 1,000 tokens, 100 random followers on telegram - twitter share tag 3 friends (1% allocation)

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