Monitoring Tokens

Timing is everything - and Arken is here to gain an edge over the market.

Winning the market requires a reliable and efficient tools to monitor the tokens’ price. The speed, accuracy, and ease of use can be the difference between gaining an edge over competitors and falling behind. With Arken, you can stay ahead of the curve and make the most of your DeFi investments with ease.

Real-time Trading View

Never Miss the Chance with Our ‘Real-time’ Trading View

In the fast-paced crypto space, timing is everything — Arken understands that the quickest information decides who is going to win. While many DEXs struggle to provide real-time cross-chain trades, Arken can. And by ‘real-time’, we really mean it.

Arken chart incorporates real-time trading views across multiple DEXs, offering users a single point of entry to manage digital assets with ease. Traders can analyze price movements, identify optimal buying or selling opportunities, and compare synthetic asset prices with real-world prices.

Combined with our price-alert feature, you will never miss a good entry and exit point. Traders can now configure notifications to notify when favorable rates have been reached, ensuring that they can trade at the right price and at the right time.

Forecast the market with 160+ Chart Indicators & Tools

Arken Real-time Trading View is specifically designed to enable sophisticated trading and can be configured with over 160 distinct technical indicators to be your personalized charts.

Veterans users can predict market movements, keep track of price volatility, and search for warning signs of a potential market downturn. For traders who like to invest their way through the futures market, or investors who depend on statistical research and data to make decisions, we offer you all of the tools you could need.

Conduct any statistical analysis you desire on any of the 26,600+ tokens available on our platform, ensuring a seamless trading experience with:

  • Line Indicators: Make your decision-making process simpler than it already is with our Line Indicators function. Our platform offers a variety of pattern indicators, such as ABCD, XABCD, Cypher Triangle, Three-Drives, Elliott Waves, Head and Shoulders Pattern, and more.

  • Future Indicators: Enhance your future trading options experience with a range of future indicators, including price range and date range indicators, ghost feed, candlesticks, and forecast indicators. Long and short positions are available in our platform.

  • Statistical Analysis: Access to our comprehensive suite of statistical calculation tools for trading, including a variety of indicators, average price to accumulation/distribution, correlation to Connor RSI to Fisher Transform to Ichimoku Cloud, Money Flow Index, and even Standard Deviation to True Strength Indicator to Williams Fractal and more.

Price Alerts

Have you ever lost out on a trading opportunity simply because you were not logged into your trading account at the time? Or afraid of the precise moment when a coin or token’s price crosses over or below a price target get slipped in the blink of an eye?

For those who answered ‘Yes’, Arken Finance’s “Price Alert” is here to help.

Price Alert for easy price tracking

Trading is a constant job, but cryptocurrency trading can be much more. With the volatility level in the market, it is fair to say that cryptocurrency trading needs 24-hour monitoring and attention.

With Arken's Price Alert function, you can enjoy more freedom while trading and still never miss a wonderful trading opportunity and no longer have to be glued to your computer screen all day to keep track of price changes. Whether you're out with friends, running errands, or just taking a break, you can receive notifications directly to your device and stay informed on the go. We’ve taken care of everything!

How to use Arken Price Alert:

  • At the bottom box, click “Price Alert” and then select “Add New Alert”

  • Connect your wallet to Arken Finance

  • Set your “Price Alert” configurations. There are 2 notification options: 1) Send alert via browser & 2) via your Telegram App. If you wish to connect to Telegram notifications, don’t forget to allow Telegram notifications on your device. Now you’re all set!! Just wait for the notification on the right price, and perform your trading when the time comes!

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