Discovering Tokens

Want to find interesting tokens? Our Market Page is here for you!

The growth of the DeFi kingdom is becoming more attractive to investors and opportunity seekers worldwide. If you want to join the trend and ride the rockets to the moon, Arken is what you are looking for.

Want to find interesting tokens? Our Market Page is here for you! You can explore new DeFi projects and opportunities on this page.

Multi-Chain Market Page

Our Market Page offers essential data on each token listed on our platform, including USD price, price % change, Trading volume, market capitalization, Liquidity, number of trades, and token age. You can filter this information based on your preferences to find the hidden gems that match your criteria.

We also list out at-the-moment popular coins into three distinct themes to enhance your trade!

To help you monitor your favorite tokens with ease, Arken's Market Page features a favorite token module on the left side of each token. By clicking on the area of your chosen token, you can quickly access the trade page and utilize our suite of powerful trading tools to elevate your trading experience.

Tokens Performance Comparison

Once you have discovered interesting tokens on the Market Page, you may start to wonder ‘Will it be a good investment for me? Will this token plummet and drop down in price so that my money will turn into nothing, and I will regret buying it?’ If this sounds familiar, well, you are not the only one!

Choosing the right token to invest in can be tough. There are so many factors to take into account and you have to do a lot of research for its background, information, and statistical performance.

We've added a new feature that can help you: Tokens Comparison Feature!

Arken Finance’s Tokens Comparison Feature is specifically designed for technical investors who rely on statistical and technical analytics to predict tokens’ price tendencies and make buying decisions.

With our Tokens Comparison, users can compare the statistical performance of 5 different tokens at the same time (and across different chains!). You can compare, in one shot, their statistical prices daily or up to 1 year period, market caps, values, 24-hour trading volume, and total liquidity. With all this information readily available, you can ensure that you will make a well-informed decision with your investment.

How will users benefit from this feature?

Let’s say our users would like to invest and jump into the DeFi Gaming tokens that are being the talks-of-the-town right now. With so many gaming platforms and game tokens currently on their skyrocketing upward trend, how would the user know which token they should invest in? — Enter Token Comparison Feature.

The figure shown below is the comparison of 5 popular gaming tokens that are currently on the radar of most people.

Using this information, you can now decide which of the 5 compared tokens is the most suitable for your investment needs. You can also compare their performance to other tokens within the same class or category and predict their future growth.

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