Cross-Chain Swap

Your cross-chain swapping experience has never been easier, simpler, and better!

Over the past few years, many chains have emerged, each with its own set of decentralized protocols, services, and projects. With the sheer number of different blockchains, anybody who has tried to convert, for example, ETH to BNB would know that it’s not so simple.

Arken Finance understands that switching between different assets on various blockchains can be a hassle. As a multi-chain project with an ambitious goal, we aim to ease your cross-chain swapping experience.

Pain in swapping between chains

  • More hops, higher fee: Completing a transaction to swap one asset to another on a different chain can be a time-consuming process. They may also be subject to higher fees due to the use of different protocols.

  • No transparency: When it comes to cross-chain bridges, many users may feel uncertain due to some projects lacking transparency. Utilizing a cross-chain bridge may take longer than transferring tokens on the same chain, and new users may worry that their funds could be lost during the transaction.

How does Arken make it better?

With Arken’s Best Rate Cross-Chain Swap feature, you will never have to switch to any other sites ever again. We offer a straightforward and simple transaction operation process by combining all necessary steps in a single flow on our platform.

All you have to do is to specify the correct source token and destination token that you wish to exchange, and we will take care of the rest. The current version of Best Rate Cross-Chain Swap supports swapping between Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

Arken automatically does all these steps for you:

  1. Arken’s Best Rate Swap converts the source token to bridgeable assets (stablecoin).

  2. The stablecoin (for example, USDT) is bridged from one chain to the stablecoin (for example, BUSD) on the other chain through our integrated Multichain router.

  3. Arken’s Best Rate Swap converts the stablecoin (for example, BUSD) on the target chain to the destination token.

Why use ‘Best Rate Cross-Chain Swap’ on Arken?

  1. Easier, simpler and better experience

With Arken's Best Rate Cross-Chain Swap feature, swapping assets across different chains is as seamless as trading tokens on a single chain. You can easily select the source and destination tokens to swap and choose whether you want to perform the swap within a single chain or across multiple chains with greater flexibility and convenience.

Many of our infrastructures are integrated in the Cross-Chain Swap such as:

  • Multi-chain Market Page: Arken’s Cross-Chain Swap providing an easy-to-use platform to . This integration streamlines the transaction process, allowing users to search for and trade tokens across multiple chains, and the subsequent bridging and swapping to the target asset on the destination chain will be performed in a single step.

  • Best-Rate Engine: We automatically search for the best rate available when swapping between tokens and stablecoins. This includes both swapping from the original token to stablecoins and from stablecoins to the desired token.

You no longer need to worry about where to swap and bridge. Arken's seamless flow provides all the necessary services for cross-chain transfers and swaps in one platform, without requiring any technical knowledge from the user.

  1. Less Transaction Cost

Arken's smart contract-based Cross-Chain Swap ensures your assets remain in your wallet throughout the transaction, eliminating the need to move them in and out. This leads to lower transaction costs as compared to other protocols that charge a fee for moving funds into and out of wallets through a centralized platform, even if users may exchange with a single click, resulting in multiple fee charges.

  1. Transparency

We provide a detailed breakdown of each step in the swapping process, along with clear information on gas fees associated with each step. You have the flexibility to cancel or abort a transaction at any step if you're not satisfied with the gas fee.

Arken’s Best Rate Cross-chain Swap provides a detailed description of each step. We provide clear information on gas fees for each step. This keeps you informed throughout the entire swapping process and you can cancel or abort transactions at any step if you are not satisfied with the gas fee.

  1. That’s not all.

Our list of features is still more to go! Here are just a few examples:

  • You can execute multiple bridge transactions simultaneously, saving time and effort while increasing efficiency in managing their assets.

  • Your bridge transaction history is always displayed so that you can make informed decisions and keep track of your past activities.

  • You can confirm each step of the transaction process by yourself, allowing any change in mind in between any step to stop the transactions.

We always offer our users the best possible way to make our users feel safe when investing through us!

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