'Look into the Future' - Look forward to our journey.

In the rapidly changing crypto world, the only strategy is to be flexible and pivot accordingly.

Arken Finance team hereby shares some of our current roadmaps. Please note that we don’t publicly commit to specific timelines. With possible market changes to come in the future, our development priorities are subject to change based on business decisions and available developer resources.

Q2 2023

  • April 6, 2023 - Token Launch (IDO), Initial Pool LIVE on Uniswap V3.

  • Within April 2023 - Introducing 'Long-term Liquidity Pool', a special type of Arken DEX

  • Within April 2023 - Introducing 'Arken Options' as incentives for LPs

  • Within Q2 - Launching Trustless Fund Management Platform Version Alpha (Strategic vaults, High-Frequency Trading Strategy, All-in-One Tools & API)

  • Within Q2 - Offering Derivatives on Trustless Fund Management Platform through GMX Integration (Support more complex strategic vault, market neutral, hedging, signal trade)

Q3 2023

  • Within Q3 - Launching Trustless Fund Management Platform (Full version) (with Full Investor Dashboard, Analytics for Funds Platform, Complete investment journey)

  • Within Q3 - Introducing veArken (DAO)

  • Within Q3 - Upgrade Arken Exchange's trading tools

  • Within Q3 - Expanding to new networks (OP, zkSync, etc.)

Let us know where you want us to go next!

Future Plans:

Arken Exchange offers automation trading. Let's make DeFi trading more fun by creating your unique automated trades on DeFi!

Our Values

Synergies Between CeFi & DeFi

Arken Finance's product development approach aims to strike a balance between centralization and decentralization. We believes that both landscapes have different advantages and flaws which can be subjugated when applying both concepts together in the product.

Therefore, Arken Finance weighs heavily on both product development options and continuously improves our platform to acquire positive attributes from both centralized finance and decentralized finance landscapes.

Our innovations are the proof of our hard works to materialize this concept:

  • Arken Finance’s real-time price chart is a feature with a specific use case: to be the fastest chart to display token prices for the users. Instead of utilizing a decentralized method of execution, the chart is designed to quickly index the prices of all tokens and store the data centrally, ensuring a fast, accurate, and resource-efficient real-time chart for users.

  • Arken Finance’s Best Rate Engine 3.0 is a hybrid approach combining both centralization and decentralization concepts. All algorithms are kept on the engine, but the results are sent to smart contracts to execute transactions with the best rates. This approach allows our users to enjoy the best prices on any swaps.

Innovation does not have to be limited to decentralization. By combining valuable attributes from both centralized and decentralized concepts, we strive to design highly optimized products for our users.


Our community feedback is always valuable. We developed new features and improved the existing ones based on those insights.

User satisfaction is the important key to strengthen our community. To ensure that we provide the best possible experience in this fast-paced industry, we conduct research and analysis, learn from past experiences, and seek out new opportunities. We actively solicit feedback from our users by conducting various user interviews and analyzing a lot of surveys in order to empathize with our users, to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and concerns.

Your input and suggestions are crucial to our success, and we always take them seriously.

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