Arken Widgets

Implement Arken widgets on your site to give a seamless swapping experience for token holders.

Arken Finance aims to contribute to and work on ambitious initiatives, and to advance the DeFi sector for the benefit of everyone. We want to see our fellow DeFi projects providing easy and simple user experiences to your users too!

Thus, projects can now get Arken's 'charts and swapbox widget' and integrate it directly on your website at no cost. Our widget is simple, beautiful and customizable, giving a seamless swapping experience to your users. Here are the steps:

Or, get the widget here.

How to Get Arken's WIDGET on Your Site

Step1: Go to Arken's Widget Customization Dashboard

Step2: Customize the display type of the widget. There are 3 options available: 1) Graph Only, 2) Swapbox Only, and 3) Graph and Swapbox. Select the widget type and the default graph range that you prefer. You can also adjust the width and height of the widget to fit your site.

Step3: Select default tokens. Click on the 'Swap' bar at the top. Choose the network of your token. Then, select the default quote token and default base token by typing the token name or inserting the token contract address and clicking the 'add item' option. You can also use the custom image by pasting the image URL directly into the CUSTOM IMAGE URL box.

Step4: Style your widget. Go to the 'Style' bar and customize the theme (light, or dark) and color scheme that you want.

Step5: Click the 'Get Code' button.

Step6: 2 sets of codes are available; in HTML and React. Now, you can use the codes for your landing page or designated place. Now you are all set!

If you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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