Welcome to Arken.Finance

The Abstraction Layer that abstracts the complexity of DeFi and multi-chain
​Arken Finance is the Abstraction Layer for DeFi Protocols & User Experience. Arken helps abstract the complexity and unified liquidity and protocols to accelerate software development, making it easier for developers to build and create. On the user side, Arken provides the best user experience abstraction into a single user-friendly system over multiple networks, thousands of protocols, and millions of liquidity pools to make the transition to DeFi easy and painless.

The Origin of Arken Finance

Arken began in mid-2021. Back then, DeFi protocols are raw and complex. Everyone might have experience spending hours teaching people how to use DeFi. Swapping, seeing price charts, or finding a valid smart contract address are all complicated. The more we learned about the adoption obstructions of DeFi users, the more we realized that making DeFi accessible is going to need a lot of applications.
To realize this vision, we invested our time develop the technology layer that abstracts the complexity of software development away so we can develop new applications fast. Then, we developed the first application to solve our itch, Arken Trading Portal, which incorporated thousands of protocols and millions of liquidity pools and abstracted the incompatible user experience into a powerful trading UI that millions of people around the world have used. Some even thought that we are CEX! That's a milestone that we truly appreciate.