Welcome to Arken.Finance

Best user-experience DEX aggregator on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon Network
Arken Finance offers the all-in-one trading tool for DEX traders to monitor tokens and synthetic assets, forecast the market movement, and trade at the BEST RATE. Arken aggregates multiple DEXs into a single platform and tackles the principal vulnerability of today’s DEXs. Our tool incorporates a real-time trading view, offers users a single point of entry for managing digital assets with ease, and can be customized with over 160+ different technical indicators and unique specialty charts for the advanced trader.

The Origin of Arken Finance

ARKENSTONE - a wondrous gem, lying under the Lonely Mountain. We sought to deliver the most precious values to our users to discover your best investment opportunities.
Arken was first founded with the mission to become the best user experience trading tool in the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) ecosystem. We want to help users discover more opportunities by solving problems that people are facing in the industry, including:
  • Problem 1: ‘Where to Buy?’ In the current DeFi space, coins and tokens are listed everywhere. To invest in a project, users must know where to buy each coin/token in order to get them at a good price. Furthermore, the mechanics of automated market maker (AMM) of most DEXs actually complicate things for the users, as different exchanges have varying liquidity and pricing from site to site, and it is not always easy to get the best deal for the trading pair users are looking into.
  • Problem 2: 'How to Buy?' Once you know where, you still can hardly make strategic decisions because it is hard to visualize the trends or market movements from looking at the price on only one DEX platform.
Thus, Arken Finance aims to solve these problems that are the resistance to mass adoption of DeFi industry.

What is a DEX Aggregator?

DEX aggregators accumulate data from a wide array of DEXs, offering a service that allows traders to benefit from varieties of financial tools in a single interface, often providing better liquidity and prices on different trading pairs. DEX aggregators rely on complicated algorithms to take into account numerous factors in selecting the best possible exchange provider for a given token swap and facilitate split trades to offer the best possible prices.