Using Arken Finance (Features Introduction)

'One Place to Swap Them All' - With Arken's inner light, we help you discover the best swapping experience you will ever get on any coin.

How to Use Arken Finance for the Best Swapping Experience

As a user, you can utilize Arken Finance in all of your swapping journeys.
  • Explore All Coins/Tokens with Market Page
  • Price Checking with Real-time Trading View
  • Import Any Tokens and Add Favorites for Easier Access
  • Buy and Sell with Arken Best-Rate Swap Engine & Any Coin Swap 2.0
  • Avoid Spending Costly Gas Fee with Arken Gas Optimization Mode
  • Prepare and Set Your Own Price to Buy/Sell with Price Alerts, Limit Orders, Stop Loss
  • Predict Market Movements with Comparison Feature & Chart Indicators and Tools
  • Study and Research Token Insights from Directory Page
  • Tokens Performance Comparison across chains
  • Recommend Arken to Projects You Trust
Let us give you some examples of how each participant can utilize Arken:
  • 'Thorin' the Explorer: Thorin is an opportunist. He comes to Arken with an open mind and does not hesitate to explore new tokens for new investment fortunes. Thorin can visit Arken's Market Page to look for trending and popular tokens in the market. Here, Thorin can also search for any coin/token in the market with its token address and see its trading data. Once he found an interesting token to invest in, he can start trading with Arken.
  • 'Balin' the Trader - Balin comes to Arken Finance, having tokens that he wants to trade in mind. Balin's main objective is to constantly look for the best moment to swap at the best rate and time. Firstly, Balin uses Arken's Trading View for price checking and monitoring market trends for each token in his wallet. He would find out that Arken charts and transaction data are faster and more real-time than any other platform (such as BSC Scan), which gives him the lightning speed to make decisions and never miss any investment opportunity. Then, Arken's Best Rate Swap and its Gas Optimization Mode come into play. Balin will automatically save more money on every swap through our real-time routing and gas optimization without having to think about it. No more spending money on fees that are unnecessary. Additionally, every time Balin comes back to monitor token prices, he is always equipped with various types of tools to predict market movement and make the right moves.