Price Alerts

Don't miss any chance. Let us help notify you!
Have you ever lost out on a fantastic trading opportunity simply because you were not logged into your trading account at the time? Alternatively, have you ever sat and looked at your computer screen in anticipation of the precise moment when a coin’s or token’s price crosses over or below a price target? For those who responded ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, we’d like to introduce you to Arken Finance’s “Price Alert”.

Price Alert for Easy Price Tracking

Trading is a constant job, but cryptocurrency trading can be so much more. With the volatility level that the market usually exhibits, it is fair to say that cryptocurrency trading needs 24-hour monitoring and attention. With Price Alert function, you will be able to watch out for the price of any cryptocurrency and personalize the notifications you wish to get directly to your desktop window or Telegram inbox.
Unlike other price alert services, which need you to be actively engaged on the site in order to get alerts, Arken offers a Telegram notifications option that can also alert you on your mobile devices, regardless of whether you are actively engaged with our site or not. With your Telegram notification turned on, the persistent worry about excellent chances to finish the deal or about particular currencies reaching their goal prices may be easily washed away, allowing you to concentrate on other things. We’ve taken care of everything!
How to Use Arken Price Alert:
  • At the bottom box, click “Price Alert” and then select “Add New Alert”
  • Connect your wallet to Arken Finance
  • Set your “Price Alert” configurations. There are 2 notification options: 1) Send alert via browser & 2) via your Telegram App. If you wish to connect Telegram notification, don’t forget to allow Telegram notification on your device. Now you’re all set!! Just wait for the notification on the right price, and perform your trading when the time comes!
How Will Users Benefit From ‘Price Alert’?
It goes without saying that users’ trading experiences will be significantly improved as a result of this function. Now you can very much do whatever you want in a day without having to sit in front of a computer for an extended period of time, whether it’s going out with friends, dining out, doing chores, or anything else.
You will never miss a wonderful trading opportunity. It just takes a single ‘click’ to go back on track. Don’t forget to pin us to the top of your Telegram, enjoy your day and we will meet in a second when a good opportunity comes!