TxFlow™ & Real-time Trading View

Lots to Look. Less to Worry. Check real-time prices with our Trading View.

Never Miss the Chance with Our ‘Real-time’ Trading View

In the crypto space where the timing is key — ARKEN understands that the quickest information decides who is going to win. While many DEXs cannot offer real-time cross-chain trades, ARKEN can. And by ‘real-time’, we really mean it. Our tool incorporates real-time trading views across multiple DEXs, offering users a single point of entry to manage digital assets with ease. Traders can analyze price movements to decide when to buy or sell at the optimal price, as well as compare synthetic asset prices with the real-world price. With our price-alert feature, you will never miss the good pricing moment. Traders can now configure notifications to notify when favorable rates have been reached, increasing the opportunity to trade at the right price, at the right time.

What is TxFlow™: The Technology Behind Arken Finance

TxFlow™ is a completely new rewrite of our Arken’s Token Price Engine. The new version, TxFlow™, aims to address the issues with the original token price engine encountered by many of our users, resulting in a not-up-to-bar user experience. We, therefore, gathered these problems and solve them with 3 key topics: Speed, Stability, and Scalability.


Formerly, our engine relied on a polling mechanism. Polling is the network communication method where the client system transmits signals to the server to check for required information and its state of use. This system requires 2-way-transmission and consumes network time. This is crucially affecting the frontend loading time, especially when we deal with trading cryptocurrency and digital assets. Hence, Arken TxFlow™ modifies the polling mechanism into a streaming mechanism, which allows the server to transmit a stream of data simultaneously to reduce transmission time. — With WebSocket technology, the former display time from a maximum of 1 minute is reduced to less than 1 second.


In Blockchain transactions and complicated transactions on ultra-speed servers, stability is the key factor and also the main problem for many systems. ARKEN's former system used to rely on a third-party service blockchain node, resulting in uncontrollable server stability. Even with the highest speed graphs display, if the system is unstable, problems with user experience and reliability still exist. Thus, we decided to set up our own blockchain node to control stability, in which we have adjusted various configurations until our platform can be used smoothly.


The decentralized finance landscape is an ever-changing world. The key to success is to never stop developing and growing. Here at ARKEN, we aim and focus to make our system scalable and growth-supportive. We develop and revamp all of our engines related to the exchanges for future use and purposes. Arken TxFlow™ is equipped with more capacity to support a wider range of tokens and it also comes with higher user capacity. Even with a large number of concurrent users, we assure you the best trading experience, still.