​Arken Finance has passed the audits from both CertiK and Inspex, one of the top 5 global blockchain security auditors and leading blockchain security auditor in Thailand, respectively.
It was one of our many duties to ensure that smart contracts were properly implemented and securely protected against outside threats. One step at a time, we want to instill confidence in our community and this is one of many steps that we are taking to ensure utmost safety and confidentiality for our users.
See below the report summary of each auditor:

Audit report summary — Inspex

The official security assessment was published on February 7, 2022. Static code analysis, dynamic analysis, and manual review were completed by the Inspex team, in conjunction to identify smart contract vulnerabilities together with technical & business logic flaws.
2 high and 5 info-severity issues were pointed out and successfully resolved by the team. It is ensured that there are no critical vulnerabilities and none of the issues have any impact on the functioning and security of Arken Finance.
The full audit report can be found here.

Audit report summary — CertiK

The official security assessment was published on March 23, 2022. A comprehensive examination has been performed by Certik, utilizing Static Analysis and Manual Review techniques. The security assessment resulted in findings that ranged from critical to informational, which had been addressed and resolved.
The full audit report can be found here.