$ARKEN Tokenomics

Possession of the Arkenstone ($ARKEN) grants the holder the right to achieve one's investment goal. Here are some sneak peeks.
🚨Currently, we have not released any $ARKEN tokens yet. All information below can be subject to change. Please be aware of the fake $ARKEN token! 🚨

Token Economy

Arken Finance, along with our token economy, is designed to be the basic infrastructure of the Arken Ecosystem. Our main responsibility is to focus on product development and ensure an efficacious revenue-generating business model. The team is dedicated to designing sustainable features and use cases to gain income continuously.
$ARKEN facilitates Arken Finance tokenomics as a utility token, backing the protocol’s ecosystem and offering real yields to holders. This will enable a robust ecosystem around utilities, rewards, and staking — each carefully designed to drive strong growth of Arken Finance. $ARKEN is a multichain token, which will be available on BNB Chain & Ethereum.

$ARKEN Tokenomics & Use Cases

$ARKEN Tokenomics

Utility Fees for Pro-Features

As an incentive to try new features and spread the word of our platform, $ARKEN holders will also be among the first to try BETA features, as well as unlock Pro-features and enjoy exclusive on-platform benefits. We will also be collecting fees in the form of $ARKEN in the near future.

Capture Economic Benefits of the Platform (#RealYields)

Arken team believes in the #RealYields for platform supporters. In return to the supporting community, a share of a protocol’s revenue will be allotted for benefiting the community that provides the $ARKEN token liquidity, using a buyback mechanism to the ArkenSmithy Pool.
Here are the current revenue streams:
0.1% fee from Arken Swap Engine
0.25% fee from Arken SLAMM Engine
0.3% fee from Arken Pool
As Arken grows, any future revenue models will also be taken into account and distributed to the incentives.
About Arken Finance’s Buyback Pool With the buyback mechanism happening during the token release period, $ARKEN long-term holders and stakers will benefit from the more efficient form of increasing token price. This directly lowers available supply which increases the value of the remaining tokens, creating a more effective way of both rewarding current holders and creating more.
Please be noted that our system is not using a burning mechanic. Rather, we will lock this part of the funds in ArkenSmithy Pool until the total $ARKEN supply of 10B tokens is completely released. The token release period will take approximately 5 years. Once all total supply is released, the system will solely use these locked tokens as further rewards for the liquidity providers & contributors.

Special Rewards-Earning Opportunities

Apart from the indirect but considerably significant benefit of the buyback mechanism, Arken users can also win the chance to receive direct token distribution occasionally as marketing incentives. Through participating in our marketing campaigns, community-building activities and many more, Arken users can receive rewards in the form of $ARKEN.
Updated September 5th, 2022